Stair Chair Lift – The Handicap Stair Lift As a Disability Helper

The handicap stair lift or otherwise known as a stair chair lift, is indeed an effective disability helper when it comes to patient mobility in the home. The modern day improved version simply requires a remote control and on a touch of a button, you are brought up or down the stairs in a smooth ride. Most come with the function for smooth start and stop so that the ride does not aggravate those with bad back pains and slipped disc.

This is the more popular choice compared to installing a home lift as the latter would require reconstruction and tearing down certain harga homelift parts of the home to accommodate the lift shaft. The only benefit is that it is capable of holding up more weight and transport more heavy goods upstairs and down. The handicap stair lift on the other hand, is simply mounted to a railing track along the stairs and can be kept neatly out of sight if and when required. It too is capable of transporting not only persons but also luggage, groceries as well as other goods up and down the stairs efficiently, although it might take a few more trips if you have a huge amount of things to move.

Most stair chair lift function on a motorized system and have the capacity to transport 300 pounds of weight per load per trip, which is quite sufficient for most users. The main components of the carriage include the seat pan, back rest, foot rest as well as seat belt. The back rest and arm rest keeps the body in position and the foot rest is important for strapping in the legs of the paraplegic, to ensure a smooth ride.

You do have a choice of opting for the battery operated version or home electricity version of the stair chair lift. If you live in an area with frequent power outages, then you should choose the battery operated version so that you are guaranteed every time of a smooth ride free from fear of being stuck along the stairs in times of power outage. The batteries are rechargeable and most are self charging.

If you are incapacitated in any way at all, you should never feel confined and helpless. Rejuvenate your mobility and liberate your independence with a good handicap stair lift.

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