The Writer’s Newest Best Friend – Blogging

Writing is an art of expression. Everyone can write but few are gifted with the gab of artistry in writing. Nonetheless, writing has been an integral part of history as a blessing to the expressive ones.

When writing was invented, there were rocks and walls and caves to scribble on. Codes were imprinted wherever possible, until came the revolution of the ink and the invention of the papyrus, then sprouted the broadsheet blog feather then the pencil and the pen and on paper. Books were imprinted, newspaper were sold, flyers were scattered, just to spread the message of the writer. The tools and the medium of the writer’s hungry expressions continued evolving. Abraham Lincoln and Jose Rizal had a journal, Bridget Jones had a diary, and journalists have the broadsheets and tabloids. One at a time in the wonderful world of writing, a writer would discover the right weapons to foster their intellect and craft their masterpiece.

True enough, a true writer is always full of thoughts and opinions on every matter in the universe and would always weave their way to express themselves. They would be in constant bond with their ally, to whom they entrust their skills and pour out their thoughts and feed their hunger for expression, ergo their one and only, best friend in writing. Scientists have explored the therapeutic benefits of releasing emotions and experiences through writing and combined with the ever-growing World Wide Web, modern writers now have another avenue for exploding their thoughts: the internet, where they can all be interconnected.

So set aside the journals and the diaries and all other papyrus formed sheets and set up any keyboard functioning PC and blast the words. The pc generation paved way for the online writers. The forums spawned it. Cyber people flooded their ideas, from smart to small stuff so threads of conversations were formed. Expression was combined with interaction, it was the fusion of gossip and intelligence and social exhibitions. It was another interactive world and it clicked, which now paved way to the modern writer’s newest best friend; blogging.

Now, a more effective tool in uniting writers and readers on the net is via blogging. Blog is a term coined after the web blogs, the word is valid as a verb or noun or blogging to make it more professional. It started personal, a writer’s online journal or diary, the identity of the persona may be concealed since blogging opposes privacy, readers enjoy the highlight of the day in the life of the writer and may then react thereafter, the interaction continues.

Now, Blogging has evolved into something more serious. It has become rapidly popular than what may first seem as the online social conglomeration of emotional and intellectual writers. Journalists aborted an issue or toppled a leader through the power of the blog, its market is wider, and its function as a mass media vehicle cannot be ignored. It’s as credible as the news on the TV or paper.

In conclusion, beyond a writer’s best friend, blogging is a very strong spinner. This overwhelming response has even pushed businessmen to take advantage of its profitable opportunities.

Who would have known blogging can be a tool for corporate marketing. Now web sites facilitate their own blogs since any well-managed search engine easily detects them having less HTML and being extremely link friendly. Blogging has gotten technical and complicated but undoubtedly is a vital part of SEO for attracting in a lot of traffic, ideal for online marketing.

Regardless of it’s business nature. The educational and enlightening purposes of blogging still lie ahead. Writers have strong passionate statements to express and right now blogging is the best medium to capture their voices. There is no eliminating other traditional writing means, for one can have many friends as a writer does. There is also no point in comparing or contrasting blogging to other medium for writers. Now and then, writers find valuable ways to be heard.


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